Practice Areas

Erin Searcy Law focuses primarily on the following practice areas, but is willing to discuss any of your specific legal needs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is crucial as it ensures that a person’s assets will be distributed at the time of his or her death in accordance with the person’s particular wishes.

Erin Searcy Law is willing to work closely with you to either update your existing plan, or to develop a customized plan which addresses your specific circumstances.

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Incapacity Planning

Proper incapacity planning allows the designation of an individual who will make specific financial, legal, and health-related decisions for a person if he or she becomes incapacitated. Absent proper planning, important decisions may not be made in accordance with the incapacitated person’s wishes.

Erin Searcy Law is willing to discuss your specific circumstances and how to best plan for your possible incapacity.

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When a person passes away with assets solely in his or her own name, those assets must go through a judicial process, known as probate, in order for the assets to pass to others. In general, the probate process involves a determination of the value of the decedent’s estate, payment of creditors’ claims, distribution of assets, and the transfer of real estate and other property.

Erin Searcy Law is willing to help determine whether a probate is needed and if so, will provide guidance and counsel throughout the court process.

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A guardianship is a judicial process wherein a guardian is appointed for a person who lacks the capacity to make decisions on his or her own. A guardian, once appointed by the Court, can have the legal authority to make certain decisions for the person, known as the ward.

Erin Searcy Law will provide guidance and counsel through the guardianship proceeding if a determination is made that the appointment of a guardian is necessary.

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